Vos rendez-vous autour du lac d'Annecy


Feast of lake Annecy

The first Saturday of August, the Bay of Albigny becomes the enchanting largest fireworks show in Europe…

70 minutes of fireworks punctuated by music, lights, water games….
A unique sight to see at least once in his life!

From the great celebration “Venetian” given in 1860 in honor of the coming of Napoleon III, this event has evolved by integrating all the new techniques fireworks and appealing to emotions of renowned designers.

Majestic, magical, unique! About 200 000 spectators and join the lake to participate in this evening of fun and wonder.

Organisation: Ville d’Annecy

Information about the Fête du Lac :
Mairie d’Annecy – BP 2305 – 74011 Annecy Cedex

Ph: 04 50 33 65 65 / Fax: 04 50 51 81 52
: fetedulac@ville-annecy.fr