Vos rendez-vous autour du lac d'Annecy


Music feast

For its 35th edition, the Music Festival returns preserving what has made it successful: offering a day for groups and amateur musicians to play before the public in the streets, bars, restaurants and halls open for the occasion.

The 2016 program at Annecy is dense with a hundred groups that will play from 11am to 1am. Mainly concentrated in the city center and old town, musical groups will perform for each about 1 hour in 16 different locations. As in previous years, the panel of styles of music offered is wide and various scenes accommodate varied programming.

Note that Sibra extends the operation of its bus lines to promote the movement of each. The bus return is free with 5 special lines and 3 night lines. Every hour from the station until 1 am.

Information: Ville d’Annecy
Download the official program on the city website